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Insulating Textiles : Fibreglass Textile Products

Fibreglass Tadpole Tape

The woven fibreglass cloth of the Tadpole Tape has brass wire inserted in both directions as the external portion of the product.  The core portion in the bulb is a twisted fibreglass rope. A side profile of the tape represents the shape of a Tadpole, hence the name.

Thickness:        1.6mm to 6.0mm

Overall Width:  20mm to 80mm

Bulb Diameter:  10mm to 30mm


 When enquiring please note the following information is



A- Please give Diameter of Bulb

B- Length of Tail

C- Thickness of Tail

Overall Length of the Tadpole Tape Seal

Advise if Bulb is to be Hard or Soft


Price - Contact us for Pricing

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