Bolt Insulation - Minlon Top Hat

Bolt Insulation - Minlon Top Hat

Product Code : TopHat

Top Hat Bolt Insulation offers a tough, convenient-to-use, one-piece sleeve and washer option.

Industrial Gaskets Top Hats are manufactured from Mineral Reinforced Nylon (commonly known as Minlon®).  Industrial Gaskets Top Hat Bolt Insulators contain a UV resistant stabilizer and have good di-electric strength.

Bolt Insulating  "Top Hats" are used to provide electrical isolation between the bolts and flanges on pipelines, or between dissimilar metals.

Mineral Reinforced Nylon (commonly known as Minlon®) exhibits good to excellent resistance to most hydrocarbons, ozone, gasoline, ethanol, oil, grease, water etc. 

We can manufacture and supply various sizes and types of "Top Hat" bolt insulation. 

Sizes stocked include M3 through to M30 in Metric and 1/2" through to 1-3/4" in Imperial. 

They can be used for single bolt isolation or combined with a gasket and steel washers to form a flange kit.


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