Fibre Packings

Fibre Packings

Industrial Gaskets supplies a range of Fibre Compression Packing.

Materials include Ramie Fibre, Synthetic Fibre, Carbon Fibre and Aramid Fibre (Kevlar®). 

Industrial Gaskets stocks a comprehensive range of Fibre Compression Packings in an extensive range of sizes and styles. 

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MP1840- PTFE + Carbon Fibre

MP1840G is a tough low abrasion carbon fibre packing impregnated with PTFE. This packing was developed for long service against strong caustics, acids, slurries and any application where contamination is prohibited.

MP1840 is a touch low abrasion Carbon Fibre packing impregnated with PTFE. The material has high thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. MP1840 is a well proven performer in the pulp and paper industry.  Applications include slip joints, mixers, agitators, reactors, centrifugal pumps and autoclaves. Services include strong caustics, strong acids, Alkali Hot Oil, Organic Solvents, Hydrocarbon and Steam, Pumps and reciprocating.   SIZES/AVAILABILITY   Size:           3 x 3mm through to 25 x 25mm.                      Larger sizes available upon request   Thickness:  8m rolls.  Larger coils available upon request  

MP1890F - Ramie Fibre Packing

MP1890F is a long ramie fibre which is square and thoroughly impregnated with mineral grease and PTFE (or tallow) to make the packing pliable and resilient. A very white packing suited to use in the mid range of pH.

MP1890F is ideally suited for use in the less demanding applications. It can service pumps, valves, plungers, to seal hot and cold water and brine.  It is especially suitable for marine use.  It is also suitable for use in oils and solvents. This packing has a good resistance to mildew, fungi and bacteria.  Suitable for rotary, reciprocating and static service. SIZES/AVAILABILITY   Size:             3 x 3mm through to 25 x 25mm.  Larger sizes available upon request. Thickness     32mm to 40mm.  Length as per customer requirement.  

MP1900 - Synthetic Packing

MP1900 packing is manufactured using synthetic fibres lattice braided for greater strength, lubricated throughout with PTFE. This packing has high strength and impact resistance. An ideal replacement for asbestos

MP1900 is a clean reliable packing for the food industry or on stainless steel shafts and spindles.   Typical applications include petroleum, hot and cold oil, steam, air and inert gases.    It is suitable for both valves and pumps both centrifugal and reciprocating.   SIZES / AVAILABILITY   Size:                3.0mm up to 50mm square Lengths:          8m rolls.  Larger lengths available upon request  

MP4168 - Kevlar + GFO

MP4168 is a unique packing with the strength of Kevlar and excellent running qualities of GFO. Built to resist extrusion at elevated pressures, with minimal shaft wear, attributed to the pure Kevlar* (aramid yarn).

MP4188 - Kevlar + PTFE

MP4188 is an Aramid fibre, Kevlar* impregnated with PTFE and break in lubricant. Kevlar* has a reputation of lasting under the toughest of applications. One of its features is high (excellent) abrasion resistance. (*du pont trademark)

MP4188 is ideally suited to the mining, pulp and paper and sugar industry where the rigors and conditions demand a packing tougher than steel.    Applications include Rotary, Reciprocating and Static.    Services include slurries, water, steam, oils, brines, many solvents, mild acids and caustics.   SIZES / AVAILABILITY   Size:                3 x 3mm through to 25 x 25mm.                           Larger sizes available upon request   Thickness:       8m roll.  Larger coils available upon request

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