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Fibreglass Textile Products

Fibreglass Textile Products

Industrial Gaskets supplies a quality range of Fibreglass products

Fiberglass is a type of fibre primarily composed of glass that is used in a wide variety of applications, and is predominantly employed thermal insulator.

Fiberglass Rope and Braid are made from high temperature texturized fiberglass yarn with low thermal conductivity. The rope and braid are designed as gasket or seal for various industrial applications.

Used as seal or gasket for doors/opening in oven, furnace, boiler, processing tank, kettle, etc.

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Fibreglass Ladder TapeFibreglass Ladder Tape

Code: FGTL

Fibreglass Ladder Tape (Drop Warp)is an incombustible tape that has an open centre which allows flange bolts to be pushed through which eliminates pre punching of holes. Fibreglass Ladder Tape will not support combustion or burn. 

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Fibreglass RopeFibreglass Rope

Code: FGR

Style FGR is non-asbestos fibreglass fibres twisted into yarn and braided into either a round or square form of fibreglass rope. Temperature - 538C (1000F). 

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Fibreglass Tadpole TapeFibreglass Tadpole Tape

Code: FGTT

Tadpole Tape utilizes woven fibreglass cloth with a twisted fibreglass rope as the core. 

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Fibreglass Tube SleevingFibreglass Tube Sleeving

Code: FGTS

Tube sleeving is a braided sleeving which is manufactured from high bulk texturised fiberglass yarns. Fibreglass Tube sleeving is used to insulate steam tracer lines in oil refineries, as thermal and electrical insulation for the wire and cable industry. 

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Fibreglass Woven TapeFibreglass Woven Tape

Code: FGT

Style FGR is comprised of fiberglass fibers woven into tape form. Usual applications include welding blankets, lagging on pipe work, insulation and expansion joints. 

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Woven Fibreglass ClothWoven Fibreglass Cloth

Code: FGC

Style FGC is non-asbestos fibreglass fibres woven into cloth form. 

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