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Ceramic Textile Products

Ceramic Textile Products

Industrial Gaskets Ceramic Insulating Textiles are manufactured from high purity alumino-silicate based ceramic fibre.

Used as Seal, packing or gasket for doors/openings in ovens, stoves, furnaces, boilers, Expansion joint packing, Metal casting seal or Seal / Gasket in other high temperature applications


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Ceramic BlanketCeramic Blanket

Code: Ceramic Blanket

Cera Blanket is a needle spun fibre blanket that is used in the insulation of high temperature equipment and lining of furnaces and heating devices.

Temperature rated to 1600 degrees C. 

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Ceramic ClothCeramic Cloth

Code: Ceramic Cloth

Ceramic Fibre Cloth is a high temperature fabric made from ceramic yarn, available in a number of different thickness and construction to provide a comprehensive high temperature range. 

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Ceramic Fibre Blanket ModuleCeramic Fibre Blanket Module

Code: Ceramic Fibre Blanket Module

Ceramic Fiber Modules adopt a high-quality spun fiber blanket; then it is folded and compressed to certain storage. There are various anchor systems. The ceramic fiber module is an excellent type of refractory furnace lining product, aimed at simplifying 

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Ceramic Fibre Lining BoardCeramic Fibre Lining Board

Code: Ceramic Fibre Board

Ceramic Fiber Board is a type of board made of refractory fiber materials with a standard thickness. It is made of refractory fiber pulp and bond with low content of organic bond. 

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Ceramic RopeCeramic Rope


Ceramic Rope is the substitute for asbestos textile. It is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry, ceramic, glass, refractory materials, shipbuilding, aerospace, automobile, machinery, electronics, building materials and light industry. Its 

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Ceramic TapeCeramic Tape

Code: Ceramic Tape

Ceramic Tape is manufactured from ceramic fibre yarn which is reinforced with either filament or inconnel wire. 

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