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Fibre Packings

Fibre Packings

Industrial Gaskets supplies a range of Fibre Compression Packing.

Materials include Ramie Fibre, Synthetic Fibre, Carbon Fibre and Aramid Fibre (Kevlar®). 

Industrial Gaskets stocks a comprehensive range of Fibre Compression Packings in an extensive range of sizes and styles. 

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MP1840G- Carbon FibreMP1840G- Carbon Fibre

Code: MP1840G - Carbon Fibre

MP1840G is a tough low abrasion carbon fibre packing impregnated with 99% pure graphite flakes. This packing was developed for long service against strong caustics, acids, slurries and any application where contamination is prohibited. 

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MP1890F - Ramie Fibre PackingMP1890F - Ramie Fibre Packing

Code: MP1890F - Ramie Fibre Packing

MP1890F is a long ramie fibre which is square and thoroughly impregnated with mineral grease and PTFE (or tallow) to make the packing pliable and resilient. A very white packing suited to use in the mid range of pH. 

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MP1900 - SyntheticMP1900 - Synthetic

Code: MP1900 - Synthetic

MP1900 is manufactured using synthetic fibres lattice braided for greater strength, lubricated throughout with PTFE. This packing has high strength and impact resistance.
An ideal replacement for asbestos 

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MP4168 - Kevlar / GFOMP4168 - Kevlar / GFO

Code: MP4168 - Kevlar / GFO

MP4168 is a unique packing with the strength of Kevlar and excellent running qualities of GFO. Built to resist extrusion at elevated pressures, with minimal shaft wear, attributed to the pure Kevlar* (aramid yarn). 

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MP4188 - Kevlar / PTFEMP4188 - Kevlar / PTFE

Code: MP4188 - Kevlar / PTFE

MP4188 is an Aramid fibre (Kevlar*) impregnated with PTFE and break in lubricant. Kevlar* has a reputation of lasting under the toughest of applications. One of its features is high (excellent) abrasion resistance.
(*du pont trademark)

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