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PTFE Packings

PTFE Packings

PTFE Compression Packing is used in applications where high resistance to chemicals is required or low friction

Industrial Gaskets line of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) Compression packing includes valve stem packing, food grade packing and chemically resistant packing for pumps and rotary equipment. PTFE dispersion ensures a low friction finish and pre- vents leakage through the braid.

Industrial Gaskets PTFE compression packing is known for its exceptionally high resistance to chemicals and low friction

Industrial Gaskets stocks a comprehensive range of PTFE Compression Packings in an extensive range of sizes. 

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MP1840G- Carbon FibreMP1840G- Carbon Fibre

Code: MP1840G - Carbon Fibre

MP1840G is a tough low abrasion carbon fibre packing impregnated with 99% pure graphite flakes. This packing was developed for long service against strong caustics, acids, slurries and any application where contamination is prohibited. 

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MP4130 - Pure PTFEMP4130 - Pure PTFE

Code: MP4130

MP4130 is a pure PTFE fibre inter-braided into a deformable square packing. MP4130L is treated with an inert start up lubricant. A clean packing capable of handling the full pH range. 

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MP4140  - GFOMP4140 - GFO

Code: MP4140 - GFO

MP4140 is a virgin PTFE fibre yarn heavily impregnated with ultra pure graphite powder and lubricated with an inert lubrication.
This fibre is commonly known in industry as GFO. 

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Paclon - Expanded Virgin PTFE CordPaclon - Expanded Virgin PTFE Cord

Code: Paclon

Pacseal is a non-asbestos, non-toxic, non-contaminating expanded virgin PTFE Cord, easy to install & remove saving labour in cleaning & machining. Tough but gentle making it useful in high-pressure steam joints & fragile glass. 

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Pacseal - Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant TapePacseal - Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape

Code: Pacseal

Pacseal is a non-toxic, non-contaminating Expanded Virgin PTFE Tape. It has a sticky back for ease of installation and removal which saves labour in cleaning and machining. It is tough but gentle making it useful in high-pressure steam joints. 

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