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Rubber Gaskets

Rubber Gaskets

Industrial Gaskets stocks and supplies gaskets in all elastomers. From standard Table and Pipe Specifications to "Specials" and non standards.

Industrial Gaskets only supplies Rubber Gaskets made from Premium Grade Rubber.  Commercial Grade rubber is available on only request.

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Butyl Rubber ElastomerButyl Rubber Elastomer

Code: Butyl Rubber Elastomer

Butyl Rubber elastomer is a premium grade flexible 50 Duro corrosion resistant material.
Butyl Rubber elastomer is specifically designed to display superior chemical and high temperature usage. 

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Chutex Rubber Chutex Rubber

Code: Chutex Rubber

Chutex 40 Rubber is a pink, premium grade, soft, flexible and highly elastic Duro 40 wear resistant natural rubber sheet.  

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EPDM RubberEPDM Rubber

Code: EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber elastomer sheet is a premium grade 70 Duro rubber.

EPDM rubber elastomer has good ozone, weathering and temperature resistance. It is used for sealing against diluted and highly concentrated acids and lyes.

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EPDM Rubber Potable WaterEPDM Rubber Potable Water

Code: EPDM Potable Water Rubber

Potable Water EPDM is a premium EPDM Duro 70 rubber specially formulated for use in potable water applications and fully certified to AS/NZS4020. Conforms to WSA-109 requirements.


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FRAS Rubber SheetFRAS Rubber Sheet

Code: FRAS60

FRAS60 (Fire-Resistant, Anti-Static) is a Premium Grade 60 Duro Synthetic rubber sheet. Certified Fire Resistant and Anti-static. Certified by Mine Safety Technology Centre to meet MDG3006/MDG3608 

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