Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints

Industrial Gaskets supplies and stocks a variety of Expansion Joints and Flexible Bellows

Expansion Joints are used as flexible connectors between pumps, vessels and pipework. 

They are commonly used in the Chemical Process Industry, HVAC, Marine, Pollution Abatement and most hydraulic applications. 

Industrial Gaskets expansion joints are best suited for applications involving

  • Thermal Expansion in Piping Systems
  • Severe Vibration
  • Ground Settlement Concerns

Industrial Gaskets stocks and supplies a wide range of styles in expansion joints -

  • Rubber Expansion Joints (Single and Twin Sphere)
  • PTFE Convolute Expansion Joints
  • Metallic Expansion Joints
  • Flexible Bellows

With Industrial Gaskets range of Expansion Joint products our customers benefit from a competitive price and a high quality product.

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Expansion Joint - Single Sphere

Rubber Expansion Joints are used as flexible connectors between pumps, vessels and pipework etc. The steel flanges easily rotate on the bellows, which make it easier to line up the bolt holes during installation when mating flanges that are out of line.

Our EJ's are designed for tough demanding industrial applications as found in Air Conditioning Heating and Ventilating Systems, Chemical-Petrochemical, Industrial Process Piping Systems and Power Generating Systems. They are also commonly used in Marine Service, Pulp & Paper Systems, Water-Wastewater Sewage and Pollution Control Systems. Installed next to mechanical equipment or between the anchor points of piping system the Joint will Absorb Pipe/Movement/Stress, Compensate Alignment/offset, Decrease Systems Noise, Eliminate Electrolysis, Isolate Vibration and Protect Against Start up / Surge Forces.  The joints are available in a range of materials including EPDM, Nitrile and Viton. They are supplied complete with flanges in 316 Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Zinc Plated. Flange sizes include ANSI, DIN, Table E or "Specials".

Expansion Joint - Twin Sphere

Twin-sphere bellows have allowable movements to axial compression, lateral movements & angular deflections. This design provides a high pressure rating.

Twin-Sphere also provides a greater flexibility protecting mating flanges, especially PVC and fiberglass types. The steel flanges easily rotate on the bellows which makes it easier to line up the bolt holes during installation when mating flanges are out of line. They are also available with optional parts such as control rods, rings and control unit plates. Available in EPDM, Nitrile and Viton with flanges in either 316Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Zinc Plated. Standard flange sizes are ANSI, Table E/D and DIN.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Bellows

Exhaust Bellows are manufactured from Stainless Steel. They are supplied with a flowliner and ready for you to weld to your fittings or piping.

Exhaust Bellows are required on systems in order to absorb the thermal expansion throughout the exhaust piping layout. These types of  exhaust bellows can provide you with optimized vibration dampening as well as thermal piping growth isolation at the engine exhaust manifold. Stocks are held in sizes from 50mm through to 300mm

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