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PTFE Products

PTFE Products

Industrial Gaskets manufactures and stocks an extensive range PTFE (Teflon©) sealing products

PTFE is commonly referred to as Teflon ©.

PTFE stands for PolyTetraFluoroEthylene, which is the chemical term for the polymer (CF2).  PTFE / Teflon© is favoured due to its high chemical compatibility, low principally used as a gasket material because of it’s capability to remain unaffected by the majority of chemicals used in industry. It is also classified, in most cases, as a food grade material, making it acceptable to both medical and food production industries.

When it comes to Gaskets and Sealing products there are 3 main types of PTFE / Teflon© gasket materials. 

Industrial Gaskets stocks the following PTFE products which are available in sheet, roll, tape, tube or cut gasket and component form.

  • Modified or Filled PTFE
  • Virgin PTFE
  • Expanded PTFE or Microcellular PTFE 

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Doniflon 2010Doniflon 2010

Code: DONIFLON2010

Doniflon 2010 is a biaxially orientated PTFE filled with hollow glass microbeads that gives high compressibility on pressure sensitive connections. 

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Doniflon 2020Doniflon 2020

Code: DONIFLON2020

Doniflon 2020 is a biaxially orientated PTFE with silica. Fawn in colour, it has superior chemical resistance especially for concentrated inorganic acids. 

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Doniflon 2030Doniflon 2030

Code: DONIFLON2030

Doniflon 2030 is a biaxially orientated PTFE filled with barium sulphate that can be used with strong acids. 

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Fluorogreen E-600Fluorogreen E-600

Code: Fluorogreen E-600

Fluorogreen E-600 is a chemically modified PTFE material. It is particularly suited for use in very caustic environments.
Fluorogreen E-600 is the perfect choice as a general high performance gasket material and as a superior replacement to Gylon 3500. 

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MP4130 - Pure PTFEMP4130 - Pure PTFE

Code: MP4130

MP4130 is a pure PTFE fibre inter-braided into a deformable square packing. MP4130L is treated with an inert start up lubricant. A clean packing capable of handling the full pH range. 

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Paclon - Expanded Virgin PTFE CordPaclon - Expanded Virgin PTFE Cord

Code: Paclon

Pacseal is a non-asbestos, non-toxic, non-contaminating expanded virgin PTFE Cord, easy to install & remove saving labour in cleaning & machining. Tough but gentle making it useful in high-pressure steam joints & fragile glass. 

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Pacseal - Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant TapePacseal - Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape

Code: Pacseal

Pacseal is a non-toxic, non-contaminating Expanded Virgin PTFE Tape. It has a sticky back for ease of installation and removal which saves labour in cleaning and machining. It is tough but gentle making it useful in high-pressure steam joints. 

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Skived Virgin PTFESkived Virgin PTFE

Code: PTFE Skived

PTFE Skived Sheet is Virgin 100% PTFE skived to a required thickness. With a PH scale of 0 to 14 PTFE will handle the most aggressive substances. 

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Soft-Tef Expanded PTFESoft-Tef Expanded PTFE


Soft-Tef sheet gasketing is made of 100% expanded PTFE. Soft-Tef is incomparable in sealing fragile flanges, FRP, Plastic, Porcelain and glass lined piping or vessels due to its low compressive load to seal. 

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Torque Saver GasketTorque Saver Gasket

Code: TSG

Torque Saver Gaskets are an EPDM rubber moulded gasket with the sealing surface jacketed with PTFE. This gasket has the elastiscity of rubber and the corrosion resistance of PTFE simultaneously and gives excellent sealing performance. 

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