Other Packing Products

Other Packing Products

Industrial Gaskets manufactures and stocks a wide range of supplementary and specialised compression packing products.

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Chevron V Packing Sets

Vee Packings are multiple lip (chevron) packing sets designed to seal static, reciprocating and centrifugal applications. The male and female adaptors are used to complete a set of vees and to assist in sealing when compressed.

Chevron Vee Packings are widely used in medium to high pressure hydraulic applications. Applications inlcude heavy duty hydraulic pistons and rod seals. Standard materials supplied are: Fabric and Rubber Homogeneneous Nitrile PTFE Viton Hydroloc Special sizes and materials are available on request including homogeneous rubber vees, bronze filled PTFE and fabric-reinforced Viton

Graphite Packing Sleeve

Packing sleeves are used in many brands of gauge cock, to prevent leakage and to ensure effective operation.

Industrial Gaskets Graphite Packing Sleeves are used in many brands of guage cocks to prevent leakage and to ensure effective opperation. Graphite Packing Sleeves are made from 99.5% pure graphite, with stainless steel eyelets, the computer controlled compression, ensure a standard, quality product. Fitting around to spindle to ensure its smooth action and prevent leakage The effective sealing properties of graphite, combined with the ease with which it can be removed and replace ensure graphite is the material of choice. A popular application of graphite sleeve is to seal the drain cocks for level gauges (see. fig. below). The use of graphite sleeves provides smooth and reliable operation of the cocks and high resistance to erosive action of the medium and pollution. The size of sleeve must be exactly matched to the size of the valve (cock). Graphite Packing Sleeves come in a range of standard sizes as listed below: AB18 AB10 AB12 AB22 Contact one of our Sales Technicians for further information and pricing.

Packing Extractors

Packing hook extractors reduce the time-consuming job of repacking pumps and valves. The T-handle provides good grip both screw action and the efficient removal of packings.

Industrial Gaskets Packing Hooks are the most rugged tool available for packing removal. The flexible shaft is constructed of twisted steel cable which easily conforms to close working conditions. Supplied boxed as a set. Highly effective and widely used extraction tools Saves labour when removing packing from stuffing boxes Long flexible shank to gain acess to glands in difficult positions Corkscrew tips designed to embed in all types of length for packing Available in a range of sizes to meet all requirements T-handle provides good grip for screw action and packing removal Service Capabilities Size 1 -  5mm & 6.5mm packings Size 2 -  8mm & 10mm packings Size 3 -  11mm, 12mm & 16mm packings Size 4 -  20mm packings and larger    

Packing Ring Sets

Packing Ring Sets are available in various materials and sizes.

Preformed Graphite Ring Sets

Preformed Graphite Ring Sets or Valve Packing Sets incorporate ultrahigh purity flexible graphite.

Industrial Gaskets manufactures Preformed Graphite Ring Sets or as commonly known, Valve Packing Ring Sets. Preformed Graphite Ring Packing Sets incorporate ultrahigh purity flexible graphite and ultrahigh purity graphite yarns to ensure low contaminant levels. High density pre-formed graphite rings form the stack with Flexible Graphite Braided top and bottom sealing rings. These rings ensure compression of the middle sealing rings and will prevent any packing extrusion. These packing sets provide maximum performance whether installed in a new valve or when repacking an installed valve. Dimensions required for order/pricing are the Stack Height and number of rings in the stack.    

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