Soft-Tef Expanded PTFE

Soft-Tef Expanded PTFE

Product Code : SOFT-TEF

Soft-Tef sheet gasketing is made of 100% expanded PTFE.  The special proprietary expansion process generates a highly fibrillated microstructure, making the sheet soft and pliable.  The material is very tough and can withhold high compressive loads without affecting its sealing capability. Soft-Tef has excellent resistance to creep relaxation and cold flow and is exceptional in sealing damaged and uneven flanges.


Soft-Tef is so versatile because of its capabilities to handle nearly all liquid and gases.  It is usually used throughout the Pharmaceutical, Chemical Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Distilling, Marine, Pulp and Paper processing, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries.


Soft-Tef is incomparable in sealing fragile flanges, FRP, Plastic, Porcelain and glass lined piping or vessels due to its low compressive load to seal.

Available 1500mm x 1500mm sheets in 1.5mm and 3.0mm thickness, standard flange gaskets or custom sizes for all applications.


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