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Sundry Products

Industrial Gaskets has an extensive range of  products available.

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Torque Saver Gasket

Torque Saver Gaskets are an EPDM rubber moulded gasket with the sealing surface jacketed with PTFE. This gasket has the elastiscity of rubber and the corrosion resistance of PTFE simultaneously and gives excellent sealing performance.

The Torque Saver Gasket benefits over Envelope and PTFE Gaskets are as follows:-   Seals Tighter – Sealing rings moulded in manufacture with at least 75% less surface area for high performance in non-metallic and glass lined flanges.   Chemical Resistance – Pure PTFE has a pH of 0-14 resisting a variety of acids and alkalis.   Suggested Applications include the following Flange types: PVC FRP PVDF CPVC Polypropylene Cast and ductile iron

Torque Saver Gasket EPDM

Torque Saver Gaskets EPDM are an EPDM rubber moulded gasket where the sealing surface is moulded with cross sectional shapes to give excellent sealing performance.

The Full EPDM Torque Saver Gasket provides a reliable sealing performance that is obtained even at lower seating stress than that of a standard rubber gasket.   Recommended for locations where service conditions are not critical and chemical resistance is not particularly required.    Seals Tighter

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